Kottarakkara Maha Ganapathi Temple Timings

Kottarakkara Mahaganapathi Temple opening and closing timings along with Pooja hours. Kottarakkara Ganapathi Temple is one of the most famous Ganesha temples in South India. This centuries old  temple is a majot pilgrim centre is noted for its sub-shrine of Lord Ganesha, evn though the main deity is Lord Shiva. 

Kottarakkara Mahaganapathi Temple is located in Kottarakkara, around 25 km from Kollam. 

Kottarakkara Mahaganapathi Temple Timings

Morning Temple Timings

04:00 AM Palliyunarthal
04:30 AM Nadathurappu

04.40 AM Nirmalyam

04:50 AM Abhishekam
05.30 AM Ashtadravya Ganapathihomam
06.00 AM Usha Pooja

07.00 AM Ethritheu Pooja
07.15 AM Sreebali

09.00 AM Pantheeradi Pooja
10:00 AM Navaka Pooja

10.30 AM Ucha Pooja
11:00 AM Uchasreebali

11:30 AM Nadayadappu

Evening Temple Timings

5:00 PM Nadathurakkal

6:30 PM Deeparadhana

7:30 PM Athazha Pooja
7:45 PM Athazha Sreebali

8:00 PM Nadayadappu

Kottarakkara Maha Ganapathi Temple Timings


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