Pappanamcode Dikkubali Festival Vellayani Devi Temple Kaliyootu Mahotlsavam

Vellayani Devi Temple Pappanamcode Dikkubali Festival 2023 is on March 9th and March 10th. Pappanamcode Dikkubalikalam is well arranged to perform the holy ritual on March 10th. 

Pappanamcode Dikkubali is a regligious Hindu ritual as part of the Kaliyootu Mahotlsavam. The Dikkubali Festival which is celebrated once in three years and the Kaliyootu are the major festivals organized at the temple. 


Vellayani Devi Temple Kaliyootu MahotlsavamPappanamcode Dikkubali

Pappanamcode Dikkubali Festival


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