Shiva Rudra Mantra Lyrics Meaning Benefits

Shiva Rudra Mantra Lyrics, Meaning and benefits. Shiv Rudra Mantra is a very powerful mantra addressed to the Rudra aspect of Mahadev. 

Shiva Rudra Mantra Lyrics

"Om Namo Bhagavate Rudraya" 

Shiva Rudra Mantra Meaning

The literal meaning of Shiva Rudra Mantra is “I bow down to God Rudra form of Shiva”. Rudra mantra is one of the easiest yet powerful wish fulfilling mantra of Bholenath or Shiva. 

Shiva Rudra Mantra Benefits

Regular chanting of Rudra mantra a specific number of times will help to leads to a transcendental mode or a state of pure concentration. The mantra is also used for worship as well as meditation.


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