Famous 8 Swayambhu Temples of Vishnu

The eight Swayambhu Kshetras of Vishnu. Swayambhu Kshetras of Lord Vishnu are those temples where Mahavishnu is believed to have manifested on its own. These temples are considered more sacred according to ancient scriptures and pilgrimage to thsese temples have numerous beneifts. Below are the eight Swayambhu Temples of Mahavishnu. 

8 Swayambhu Temples of God Vishnu

1) Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Tirumala, Tirupati district of Andhra Pradesh

2) Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple in Srirangam, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu

3) Bhu Varaha Swamy Temple in Srimushnam, in  Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu

4) Vanamamalai Perumal Temple or Vanamamalai Totatri Perumal Temple in Nanguneri, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu

5) Saligrama Temple in Nepal or Muktinath Temple at the foot of the Thorong La mountain pass in Mustang, Nepal

6) Naimisaranya Temple or Shri Naimishnath Vishnu Temple in Sitapur district of Uttar Pradesh

7) Pushkar Temple

8) Badrinath Temple or Badarinarayana Temple in Uttarakhand

Famous 8 Swayambhu Temples of Vishnu

Significance of Worshipping in Swayambhu Temples 

The Alvars hold great reverence for the temple mentioned in the Divya Prabandham. This temple is recognized as a Divyadesam, one among the 108 Vishnu temples mentioned in these sacred texts. 

The Rig Veda and Asthadasa Puranas mention the numerous benefits attained through a pilgrimage to Venkatachala. In these ancient scriptures, Venkateswara is depicted as the benevolent granter of blessings.

The manifestation of the Tirumala is accompanied by numerous legendary tales.


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