Vandiperiyar Sree Dharma Shasta Temple Idukki Kerala

Vandiperiyar Sree Dharma Shasta Temple is one of the most important Ayyappa or Dharma Shasta temples in Kerala, located on the Vandiperiyar - Thengakal Road in Idukki district. The management of the temple is entrusted to the Poonjar Koickal Devaswom, which is under the patronage of the Poonjar Royal family.  

Vandiperiyar Sree Dharmashasta Temple Idukki

Vandiperiyar Sree Dharma Shasta Temple is located precisely at the site where Manavikrama Pandyan received assistance from a 16 year old boy during his battle against dacoits. This young boy is believed to be Sree Dharma Shasta, also known as Ayappa. 

While searching for an ideal place to settle down, Manavikrama Pandyan initially chose the banks of the Periyar river. However, due to the unfortunate circumstances faced by the king, he heeded Ayappa's advice and promptly moved on from that location. Much later, Manavikrama Pandyan acquired the land where he had his divine encounter and constructed a temple dedicated to Ayappa.

The deity worshipped in this temple is said to have achieved enlightenment and possesses the ability to grant moksha, or liberation, to devoted followers. Additionally, the temple is home to other deities such as Subramanya, Bhagavathy, and Ganesha. 

Vandiperiyar Sree Dharma Shasta Temple Idukki Kerala

Vandiperiyar Sree Dharma Shasta Temple, constructed in the Tamil architectural style, is now a millennium old. It is situated amidst hills and tea plantations, creating a tranquil atmosphere. 

Miracle Associated with Temple

Numerous legends are associated with this temple. Deep within one of the tea estates surrounding the temple, there is a stone believed to possess mysterious powers. Any unauthorized activity near the stone provokes the anger of a furious boar, which punishes the wrongdoers. 

Important Festivals

The annual Mandala Makaravilakku pilgrimage season attracts thousands of devotees to Vandiperiyar Sastha temple.

The temple also conducts Karkidaka Vavu Bali and Pitru Tarpanam annually during theVavubali season of Malayalam month of Karkidakam. Large number of devotees visit the shrine during this period to pay tribute to their ancestors. 

How to Reach Vandiperiyar Dharma Shasta Temple

Vandiperiyar, located approximately 70 kilometers from Poonjar, is in close proximity to popular tourist destinations like Kumily, Tekkady, and Gavi. 

The renowned Sabarimala Temple is a mere 25 kilometers away from Vandiperiyar and can be reached by both road and a forest trek. However, special permissions are required to undertake the forest trek to reach Sabarimala.


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