Who is Hindu God Kalabhairav

In Hinduism, Kalabhairava is a deity who is often associated with time and the concept of time as a destructive force. Kalabhairava is considered to be a fierce manifestation of Lord Shiva, and he is often depicted with a dog as his vehicle. The name "Kalabhairava" is derived from two words: "Kala," meaning time, and "Bhairava," referring to a fierce form of Lord Shiva.

Kalabhairav Jayanti falls on 5th December 2023. 

Who is Hindu God Kalabhairav

Kalabhairava is worshipped by devotees seeking protection, and he is also believed to be the guardian of the eight directions. In some traditions, there are said to be eight different forms of Kalabhairava, each associated with a specific direction. Devotees often worship Kalabhairava to seek liberation from the cycles of birth and death and to overcome obstacles in life. Kalabhairava is also associated with the concept of "kala," representing the time aspect of the cosmic cycle, emphasizing the transient nature of life.

Who is Hindu God Kalabhairav

Kalabhairava is sometimes depicted holding a trident, a drum (damaru), and a skull cup. The worship of Kalabhairava is often accompanied by rituals and prayers, and there are specific temples dedicated to him in various parts of India. It's important to note that the worship and understanding of deities like Kalabhairava can vary across different regions and sects within Hinduism.


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