Famous Shiva Temples in Assam

List of famous Shiva Temples in Assam. Lord Shiva occupies a prominent position in the hearts of Hindu devotees in the state. Assam boasts a remarkable collection of Shiva temples, each holding immense importance. In fact, when it comes to Hindu temples in Assam, Shiva temples dominate the list in terms of quantity. Here, Hindu devotional blog have curated a selection of the most noteworthy and must-visit Shiva temples in Assam.

Famous Shiva Temples in Assam

Basistha Temple
Basistha Temple is located in the south-east corner of Guwahati city, Assam. According to legend the ashram was founded by the great saint Basistha (Vasishtha) - one of the Saptarishis 

Basudev Devalaya
Basudev Devalaya (Assamese:বসুদেৱ দেৱালয়) in Balikaria, Nalbari district, Assam is an ancient Hindu temple and is dedicated to Basudev. This temple was built by Ahom King Sutanphaa (1714-1744).

Billeswar Devalaya
This temple is believed to have been built 500 years ago. [1] Buffalo sacrifice during Durga Puja is an age-old tradition and ritual in this temple. Billeswar Devalaya (Assamese: বিল্বেশ্বৰ দেৱালয়) in Belsor, Nalbari, Assam

Joy dol 
Also known as Keshavnarayan Vishnu dol is a group of Hindu temples located in Sivasagar district of Assam. The Joysagar Group of temples standing on the banks of the tank of the same name includes the Joydol, the Sivadol, the Devi Ghar (also known as the Devi dol), and the Ghanashyam House. 

Lankeshwar Temple
is an ancient temple dedicated to Shiva on top of a hill in the western part of the Guwahati, Assam near the campus of Gauhati University

Maha Mrityunjay Temple
The temple famous for enshrining World's largest Shivalinga, at the height of 126 foot is situated in Nagaon, Assam

Mahabhairav Temple
Built by King Banasura, this ancient temple of Shiva located at a hillock on the northern part of Tezpur town in Assam

Manikarneswar Devalaya
This Shiva temple is situated at the top of Manikhalaya hill in Assam, North Guwahati. 

Na-Pukhuri Shiva Dol
Also known as Rudrasagar Shiva Dol, this 18th-century Hindu temple is located 8 km away from Sivasagar town.

Negheriting Shiva Doul - Shiva Temples in Assam
Negheriting Shiva Doul

Nagsankar Mandir
Nagsankar Mandir is a famaous Hindu temple is situated in nagsankar mouza near sootea, to the east of Tezpur, in Sonitpur District of Assam. The temple is believed to be built by King Narasankar of Nagakha in the 4th century. Nagsankar Mandir is 15 km (9.3 mi) west of Biswanath Chariali, between the border of Sonitpur district and Biswanath district a place called nagsankar, Sootea.

Negheriting Shiva Doul
is a Shiva temple at Dergaon in Assam. Situated on a hillock at about one and half km north from the National Highway 37 in the Golaghat district of Assam, the temple was first constructed by the Dimasa Kacharis during 8th – 9th century AD.

Rangnath Dol
Rangnath Dol is a Hindu temple dedicated to the god Shiva on the bank of Joysagar Tank or Joysagar Borpukhuri located at Sivasagar district, Assam.

Shri Kedar Temple
Also known as Kedareswara Temple located at top of Madanachala hill in Hajo, Kamrup, Assam. 

Sivasagar Sivadol
Sivasagar Siva dol is a group of Hindu temples located on the banks of the Sivasagar ("the ocean of the god Shiva") tank, also known as the Borpukhuri tank, in the heart of Sivasagar, in the Indian state of Assam.

Sukreswar Temple
Sukreswar Temple enshrines one of the largest Lingam of Lord Shiva. The temple is located on the Sukreswar or Itakhuli hill on the south bank of river Brahmaputra in the Panbazar locality of Guwahati city.

Umananda Temple
Umananda Devaloi is a famous Shiva temple located at the Umananda Island (Peacock Island) in Kachari Ghat in Guwahati.


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