Hinduism Quiz – Hindu Religion Quiz Part 1

Here is one multiple choice Hinduism Quiz about Hindu religion, Hindu Gods and Goddesses, Hindu Festivals, and Hindu epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana. This Hinduism Quiz is prepared by Hindu devotional blog admin for Children of all ages to learn more about Hinduism and Hindu Gods and Hindu Epics. The part 1 of this Hindu Quiz covers 10 Hinduism trivia questions and quizzes with which you can test your knowledge with regard to Hinduism. Play this multiple choice Hinduism quiz and learn about one of the world's great religions!

Hindu Religion Quiz Questions Answers Part 1

1) Which Hindu God is known as “The remover of Obstacles”

A) Lord Vishnu
B) Lord Ganesh
C) Lord Shiva
D) Lord Muruga

2) The most sacred word for Hindus is

A) Om
B) Swasthik
C) Shanti
D) None of These

3) Which Hindu Festival is known as “the Festival of Lights”

A) Shivaratri
B) Diwali
C) Holi
D) Vinayaka Chaturthi

4) Lord Dattatreya is confluence of Bramha, Vishnu and who else?

A) Lord Maheshwara
B) Lord Indra
C) Lord Ganesha
D) Lord Muruga

5) What is the vehicle of Lord Kamadeva?

A) Swan
B) Rat
C) Elephant
D) Parrot

6) Which character in an Indian epic had Svetavahana as one of his names?

C) Bhima
B) Krishna
C) Arjuna
D) Duryodhana

7) In Hindu mythology, who is the God Of Death?

A) Indra
B) Shiva
C) Yama
D) Brahma

8) Which Famous Hindu Indian Festival is celebrated once every twelve years?

A) Maha Shivaratri
B) Ganesh Chaturthi
C) Pagoda Mela
D) Kumbha Mela

9) Which Hindu Goddess is regarded as “the Goddess of speech, wisdom and learning”?

A) Goddess Durga 
B) Goddess Saraswati
C) Goddess Sita
D) Goddess Parvathi

10) Who wrote the great Hindu epic, Mahabharata?

A) Veda Vyasa
B) Valmiki
C) Lord Brahma
D) Lord Ganesh

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Answers to Hindu Religion Quiz Part 1

1) (B) Lord Ganesh
2) (A) Om
3) (B) Diwali - Also spelled Deepavali or Divali
4) (A) Lord Maheshwara – Maheshwara or Maheshwar is another name for Lord Shiva
5) (D) Parrot
6) (C) Arjuna - Due to the fact that only white horses where used to draw his chariot
7) (C) Yama – Also known as Yamaraj is regarded as the Lord of Death, first recorded in the Vedas.
8) (D) Kumbha Mela
9 (B) Goddess Saraswati – Goddess Sarasvati is the consort of Lord Brahma and is regarded as the Goddess of speech, wisdom and learning.
10) (D) Lord Ganesh – Lord Ganesha wrote the great Sanskrit epic Mahabharata at the request of Veda Vyasa.