Kalsarpa Yoga in Horoscope - Effects of Kala Sarpa Yogam

Kalsarpa Yoga or Kala Sarpa Yogam, as per Hindu astrology, is a dreaded yoga found in a person’s horoscope where the person under the influence of this yog leads a very miserable life. ‘Kal’ means ‘Time’ and ‘Sarpa’ means ‘Snake or Serpent’. Kalsarp Yoga is so powerful that it can even cancel out all the good Yogas of your horoscope chart.

How Kalsarpa Yoga is formed

Kalsarpa Yoga in Astrology and Remedies for Kalasarpa YogamWhen some stars concentrate at a single particular position in the horoscope it is the conjunction of planets and in astrology it is termed as “yog”. Kalsarpa is formed when Rahu Graha is tainted. When Rahu is in a good position it brings good fortune. Rahu and Lord Ketu are believed to be shadow planets. When all planets are hemmed between Rahu and Ketu Kalsarpa is formed. Lord Rahu and Ketu are placed opposite to each other at 180 degree and they don’t have any solid form and cannot be seen with naked eyes.

The Legend behind Kalsarpa Yoga

Kalsarpa is determined on the basis of the position of Rahu and Ketu in the birth chart. Rahu is considered the head of a snake and Kethu is considered the tail of the snake. Rahu is the North Lunar Mode and Ketu is the South Lunar Mode. Lord Rahu was the son of Sinishka and Hiranya Kashyap. He went into the sea to drink the ‘amrit’ obtained from Samudramathan and when he was about to drink Lord Vishnu disguised as Mohini and cut his head off. Later the north part was called as Rahu and the south part was called Ketu and they were made part of Navagraha.

Effects of Kalsarpa Yoga

  • It is said that anybody affected by Kaalsarpa Yoga faces lot of problems including mental restlessness and pessimistic thoughts until the age of 35.
  • Some persons with Kala Sarpa Yogam gets addicted to bad habits or involve in illegal activities.
  • Few of them get separated from their families and may also be deceived by their relatives.
  • Individuals affected by Kalsarpa Yoga often see snakes in their dreams.


  1. add model horoscopes which has kala sarpa dosa and also clearly explain the difference between dosa and yoga. when it changes dosa to yoga (particularly indicate the age or cycle in a life)


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