How to Book Sabarimala Temple Darshan Tickets Online

Tips on how to book Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple Darshan tickets online. With online booking facility, devotees can book darshan tickets for Sabarimala Temple in advance. You need to choose the date and time of visiting. Online tickets will be issued from 5 AM to 10 PM, and only 1000 people will be allowed for darshan in an hour. You need to keep you Identity Card in hand while booking tickets as you will be asked to enter your ID Card number in the site.

How to book your online tickets for E-queue at Sabarimala Temple 

Things you need to book the tickets online

1) Your scanned passport size photo must be in jpg / jpeg and size below 30 KB.
2) Identity Card – can be any one of these - Election ID Card, PAN card, Ration Card, Driving License, Passport, Educational ID card, Employee ID Card.

NOTE for Devotees : Please note that there is not need to reserve the tickets for darshan. There is no tickets issued by the temple authorities for darshan. The tickets are for Virtual Queue. The virutal queue system helps the devotees to reach up to Padinettampadi without waiting in the queue from Saramkuthi. Even after you reach Padinettampadi after booking tickets you need to wait in the queue which is formed from there which includes both the devotees who do not book tickets and who booked tickets. 

To Begin Ticket Booking

1) Click here to visit the Online Queue Booking Website 

2) Click on the "Click here for Q-Coupon Booking" button in the site

3) A new pop-up window will open (same as below). Here you can check the Q-Coupon availability for November, December and January months. The Green Coloured buttons shows the ticket availability, while the red colour buttons represents Booking Closed. Click on the DATE you wish to visit the Temple.

4) A new message appears showing the queue coupon availability on the specified date with darshan timings starting from 5 AM. Select the time you wish for darshan and click "Book Now"

5) A new page appears (as below) where you can perform the Registration for Q-Coupon booking. Choose Booking Type. If you are visiting the temple with 1 to 7 people, select "Normal Booking". For a group above 7, choose "Bulk Booking". Bulk Booking is available for up to 54 people. Now, select the Route of Pilgrimage "Nilakkal or Erumeli". And then enter the Security code (the figures and letters shown there in the "Enter security code" column.

6) Here you can add the details of people visiting the temple. Click on "Add Pilgrim Details" and enter the details one by one. Add you name, age and address. Select the Identity Card details and Add the ID number in the next coloumn. Now upload you passport size photograh from your computer. And click "Add Pilgrim"

7) Registration is done. Now click "Save Q-Coupons as PDF and Print". This will save your the darshan tickets as "PDF" in your system. You need to take a print out of the tickets and keep it with you while visiting the Sabarimala Temple on the specified date.

The Darshan Ticket Print Out and ID Card are to be produced for verification by officials.


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  1. Instead of asking to send scann photo copy of all members in a group but send Group head's photo copy and Id proof with simply mention the name and age of all other members while on line booking .They may be asked to produce their original ID prooffor all members at the time of their precence in front of the verification officals at sabarimala.If the concern authority may implement this suggestion it would be helpful all AYYAPPA DEVOTEES IN FUTURE.

  2. Yes I also feel the same. Scanning and uploading each persons details is a difficult task.

    If coming as a group they should ask to add the Group head's details in the site and just the names of the other Sabarimala pilgrims.

    Hope the Ayyappan Temple authorities will change the current system soon

  3. Thanks for the tips on booking Sabarimala Temple darshan tickets online. They are very useful

  4. Thank you so much for your tips...
    But i have done an mistake while on registration..... I just type my age as mistake in that registration to recorrect that....
    Please Tell Me Soon

  5. Thank you So Much for your Tips...
    But i have done an mistake while on registration...I just type my age as mistake.... Please tell me how to recorrect that Please.... I need your help...Please....

  6. Dear Shiva,

    No problem. They wont even check your Identity Card. They will just collect the print out and ask you to join the special Queue for Darshan.

    So dont worry.

    I just came back today after visiting the Sabarimala Temple.

    Too rush and I felt happy that I took online booking, so I haven't had to wait for many hours for darshan

  7. S, i agree with chidambaram. So if d authority implement this suggestion means it will b very useful.

  8. Iam Ragavi Raman,
    I agree with Chidambaram suggestion. If the authority implement this suggestion means it will very useful for all devotees.

  9. Hai,

    This is Vijayaraghavan Nambiar from Bangalore. I am visiting Sabarimala since, 1984 and regularly go there 4-5 times a year. I accompany piligrims as a guide as well as Guruswamy. I am settled and employed in Bangalore. I am operating 2 buses to Sabarimala on 15-04-2012. Anybody willing to visit Sabarimala can contact me. My Phone Nos are given in this mail.

    Departure from Jalahalli Sri Ayyappan Temple on Sunday, 15-04-2012 morning 9 am and reaching Bangalore on Wednesday, 18-04-2012 at 1400 hours. The routes covered are Guruvayyur-Chottannikkere-Ettumannur-Erumely and back to Bangalore via Kalady, Nanjanagudu.

    Rates are RS. 2200 (2+3 Push Back Seats new bus)
    Rates are RS. 2500 (2+2 Push Back Seats new bus) - including Erumudi charges, accomodation at Sannidhanam.

    My Phone No. 9342959455 & 9611316738

    This is a holy and sacred trip. Interested people can contact me.

    With regards,


  10. i am booking for online dharshan of swamy ayyappa, i need a member login.... i did several times by giving my mail id and also my phone number but its telling

    "Failed validating the security code " wat to do pls help me friends

  11. pls inform the charges for the booking ?

  12. Pls post the value of the ticket....per person...or per group give the details...

  13. Dear Abi Siva,

    Please use a new email ID and register again.

    @ Venkat Sundar - There is NO CHARGES for booking Sabarimala Darshan Ticket. The facility is offered as a free service by Kerala Police.

  14. It looks like a very good system. I am visiting for the first time. I agree with chidambaram, concerned authority can implement this suggestion, bcoz we are going in a group of 24 people, collecting their all IDs, photos & uploading is a huge task and in terms of managing the site with huge data would be a problem in future. So, please ............ implement. Thanks in advance.
    Raghavendra, Bangalore

  15. sir we need to book tickets for 26th are over any other way to book the ticket for tommrw........

  16. Dear Vijay,

    Sabarimala Tickets booking slots are closed for 26th November 2012. It is sorry to say there is no way to book tickets for the same date.

  17. sir we need to book tickets for 13th are not at available up to 19th January can you give me any alternate way

  18. Sir we need tickets online DEC not available present date.I am coming to tirupati from chittoor district.I am 1st time to come to sabarimalaya .if any tickets possible pls update me sir.I am coming my relatives all are 7 members .pls if any favour sir.

    1. Dear praveenkumar yallapalli,

      Please note that there is not need to reserve the tickets for darshan. The virutal queue system helps the devotees to reach upto Padinettampadi without waiting in the queue from Saramkuthi. Even after you reach Padinettampadi after booking tickets you need to wait in the queue which is formed from there which includes both the devotees who donot book tickets and who booked tickets.

      So dont worry you can have darshan of Lord Ayyappa without booking tickets.

      Swamy Saranam

  19. in vertual q i see the slot of date jan 16,17,18 are available.. but the makaravilik maholsavam at on jan 14. then how it possible the slot available in 16,17,18.. any one please reply

  20. sir,
    the mandalakalam end on jan 14.. but in virtual q the date on jan 16,17,18 are available.. the temple close on jan 14.. then how it possible when i book this particular date

  21. Dear vishnu v,

    The Mandalakalam - Makaravilakku Pooja closes on 14th January 2014. The temple wont close on 14th Jan. As there will be regular Makara Masa monthly pooja for the next few days. That's why there is tickets available for January 16th, 17th and 18th

    Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa

  22. hi i would like to visit the temple for the first time, as my job scope doesnt comply with the fasting, i would like to visit and pray only. is that possible? by this booking online will i have the chance to see the god almighty? please advice email is

  23. sir
    my name is dakshina murthy when they release the online darshna for January 2017 please give replay my email is

  24. I am harish from chennai.
    I have booked and took all the tickets for my gang booking... but still some has asked me, that they will join me in the yatra !
    But ther are no slots in jan5 2017
    What can i do this ..i have to book for 4 more people who are going to join with me ! ... somebody say a good solutiom for it please !


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