Sooryanarayana Temple Kannur Kerala

Sooryanarayana Temple in Kannur is located at Kadirur, a village in Thalassery taluk, which belongs to the Kannur District of Kerala state in India. Kadirur is the short form of ‘Kadiravanur’ which means the land of Lord Sooryanarayana. Kadirur Sree Suryanarayana Temple is an ancient temple which is believed to have originated in 13th century. The devotees, who come to worship here, can achieve the blessings of both Soorya or Sun God and Narayan or Mahavishnu. Hence the deity of this temple came to know by the name Soorya-Narayana.

Sooryanarayana Temple Kannur Kerala

Temple Gods and Temple Festival

Sooryanarayana Temple in Kannur has separate shrines for Ganapathi, Mahadeva and Goddess Durga. During festival season the main attraction in this temple is the divine dance with the idol of the deity on head, known as Thidambu Nritham. This traditional dance can be viewed on consecration day celebrations and also during Mandala festivals in December. The prominent offering of this temple is the dedication of Naiamrithu or pure ghee in a small pot to the main deity. Since Sun God is the leader of nine planets, there are special rituals known as Navagraha Pooja for the sun god and his associates. It is believed that by performing this offering the negative influence of these nine planets on horoscopes can be neutralized considerably.

Short History

When Tippu Sultan the ruler of Mysore attacked Kerala, he looted the precious collections in the temple and remained isolated for some years until the renovation of the temple was taken place in the year 1825.

How To Reach

Sooryanarayana Temple in Kannur is located 8 km east of Thalassery and can be reached by traveling along Coorg route. Karipur International Airport is the nearest airport to reach Sooryanarayana Temple.  Thalassery Railway Station is the nearest railhead.

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