Meaning of Deer in Lord Shiva's Hand

What is the meaning of Deer in Lord Shiva's Hand? In many images of Lord Shiva, you have noticed that his left hand is holding a beautiful deer. The symbolic representation of deer in Lord Shiva hand is that, the God has removed the Chanchalata of the mind. A deer quickly jumps from one place to another. Similarly controlling our mind is very difficult as a thousand thoughts come in to our mind one after another. With great tapas, meditation and yoga – Lord Mahadev removed the Chanchalata of the mind and attained maturity and firmness in thought process.

The Dakshinamurthy aspect represents Shiva as a teacher of yoga, music, and wisdom. Lord Mahadeva is also regarded as Adiyogi or Mahayogi - the great Yogi “Maha” means “great”, and “Yogi” means “one who practices Yoga”).

Meaning of Deer in Shiva Hand


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  3. We can see Deers in South India (TheNNadu). "Thennadudaya Sivaney pootri".

  4. Deer in hand of parameshwara is called kasturi mruga...which is roams around entire forest searching for aroma ..without knowing that the same same is coming from it's own nabhi...similarly we all search for god in different temples and teerthaksetras for the god who who is dwelling within oneself...or precisely..aham bhramasmi...or shivoham...shivoham..shivah kevaloham

    1. This points to the restless mind that wanders searching outside when what it needs/wants is right within. The browsing mind is the deluded deer.


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