Dvarapala Gatekeepers of Vishnu

Dvarapala or Gatekeepers of Lord Vishnu. There are 8 dwarpals who protect the gate of Vaikuntha, the adobe of Mahavishnu. Lord Shiva when describing the magnificence of Vaikunta to Goddess Paravthi mentions that any person with pure devotion in Narayana will reach Vaikuntha after death from material world. The central part of Vaikuntha known as Ayodhya and guarded by the eight Dvarapalas namely

1) Jaya,
2) Vijay
3) Chanda
4) Prachanda
5) Bhadra
6) Subhadra
7) Dhata
8) Vidhata

Jaya Vijaya Dvarapala Gatekeepers of Vishnu

Jaya and Vijaya considered the main demigod Dvarapala gatekeepers of Vishnu’s Vaikuntha. Statues of Jaya and Vijaya can be seen on the sanctum of most Vishnu temples.