Lord Vishnu - Hindu God Mahavishnu

Lord Vishnu is considered the preserver and protector of creation, in the Hindu Trinity of Gods – Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. Mahavishnu is known as the peace loving deity with his strong principles of order, righteousness and truth. When these values are under threat, Lord Vishnu emerges out of this transcendence to restore peace and order on earth.

Lord Vishnu is known by various other names such as Venkateswara, Narayana, Padmanabha, Maha Vishnu, Balaji, Perumal, Vasudeva, Jagannatha, and Govinda. The Hindu Goddess of Good Fortune, Goddess Lakshmi is the consort or Lord Vishnu. 

Several popular Hindu Gods, such as Lord Ram, Lord Krishna, Lord Narasimha, and Lord Parashurama are regarded as the incarnations of Mahavishnu.

Picture of Lord Vishnu or Hindu God Mahavishnu

Lord Vishnu Mantra

The main mantra of Lord Vishnu is

"Om Namo Narayanaya"
"Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya"

Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram or the 1000 names of Lord Vishnu is the most widely chanted mantra associated with Mahavishnu. Hindu Devotional Blog has posted numerous mantras associated with Lord Vishnu. Search the site for Lord Vishnu Mantras and Stotras.


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  1. I am very happy and very thankful to you because of u r work on Lord vishnu I want to down load vedic hymns and video songs related to krishna and vishnu and everything related to Vishnu please help.I listened to u r upload in Youtube i.e., venkateshwara sthothra it was very nice and good job done...my mail id is anand.rangappa@gmail.com

  2. Om Kleem Krishnaaya is the vishu maha sudarshana mantra homa. cau you explain the vreses etc of this

  3. Can anybody provide link on 10 Avtar's stories and pictures

  4. You can find the Dasavatara Stories from the below link



  5. You can find the Dasavatara Stories from the below link

    Dasavatara Stories


  6. In this Yuga, Lord Vishnu is nothing but Lord Sri Venkateswara. He is describing as the god of Kaliyuga. Tirumala is his place. Actually it was belongs to Lord Varaha, one Avatara of Lord Vishnu. But today I can not find any devotion in tirumala, except Commercial.

  7. Can anybody give me full detail about Lord Janaardhana {with moolamantra}

  8. (Om shri hari vishnu) mantra is a very peaceful and weal mantra of bhagwan vishnu.


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