Poonthanam Illam in Malappuram - Birth place of Poonthanam Nambudiri

Poonthanam Illam in Malappuram is the birth place of Poonthanam Nambudiri, the greatest Devotee of Guruvayurappan. Poonthanam Nambudiri was a famous poet well known for his masterpiece the Janappana - the song of wisdom. He  was an ardent devottee of Sree Krishna Swamy of Guruvayur Temple

Poonthanam Illam - House of Poonthanam Nambudiri

Poonthanam illam the traditional house of the great poet Poonthanam is now under the Guruvayur Devaswom and is preserved as a unique memorial. It is located in Malappuram district a short drive from Angadipuram.

Poonthanam Illam birth place of Poonthanam Nambudiri

About Poonthanam Nambudiri

Poonthanam Nambudiri was born in 1547 at Keezhattoor, near Perinthalamanna and his marriage was followed by years of childlessness. As a result of fervent prayers a baby boy was born but the child died in a tragic circumstance. Heart broken poet seeks solace at Guruvayur temple. Lord Krishna appeared in the form of a child to comfort him and become his constant companion. It is believed that Poonthanam left this world in his body. 

Poonthanam Nambudiri devotee of Krishna

Poonthanam Illam birth place of Poonthanam Nambudiri


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