Vishnu Sahasranamam Dhyana Sloka Meaning Ksheero Dhanvat Pradeshe

Vishnu Sahasranamam Dhyana Sloka 1 Meaning Ksheero Dhanvat Pradeshe Suchimani Dhyana Shloka meaning with word by word meanings. 

For almost all Vishnu Sahasranama beginner reciters the dhayana sloka first looks a complex tongue twister. However once you analyze and understand the beautiful verse you will really love and appreciate this wonderful Sanskrit sloka. The dhyana slokam describes the majestic view of the almighty Mahavishnu in all its glory that the devotee can create a splendid image of the God in his inner vision while chanting the 1000 names. 

The main subject of the Dhyana Sloka is ‘Mukundah nah Puneeyaat’ which literally means ‘Let God Mukunda purify us’. Mukunda means "the giver of Mukti" is an important name of Lord Vishnu. All the rest of the sloka words are simply adjectives describing the different aspects of Vishnu or Mukunda.

The main purpose of the Dhyana Sloka is to create an everlasting image of Maha Vishnu as Mukunda while we recite the Sahasranamam. 

Vishnu Sahasranamam Dhyana Sloka 1

Ksheerodanvath- Pradese Suchimani Vilasat Saikathe Maukthikanam

Malaklupthasanasthah Spatikamani Nibhai Maukthiker Mandithangah

Shubrai-Rabhrai-Radabhrai RupariVirachitai Muktha Peeyusha Varshai

Aanandee Na Puniyadari Nalina Gadha Sankapanir Mukundah

Dhyana Sloka 1 Meaning

May God Mukunda with the Sudharsana Chakra (discus), Gowmodhaki Gadha (mace), Panchajanya Sankha (conch) and lotus in his hands purify us and liberate us. Mukunda who is majestically seated on a pedestal of garlands and pearls in the region of milk-ocean with the sands shining by the light of the pure gems; who is adorned by pearls transparent like crystals and who is enjoying ecstatic bliss on account of pure, white clouds overhead raining showers of nectar. 

Vishnu Sahasranamam Dhyana Sloka Meaning Ksheero Dhanvat Pradeshe

Word by Word Meanings of Dhyana Sloka

Ksheero danvat pradeshe - Sitting on the bank of the Milky Ocean

Shuchimani vilasat saikater - Shining sandy surface like diamonds

Mouktikaanaam Maalaa Kluptaasanasthah - Adorned with pearls

Sphatikamaninibhair mouktikair manditaangah - luminous white crystals

ShubhraiRabhraiRadabhrai – from the multitudinous white clouds

RupariVirachitair – hovering above in an arch

Mukta Peeyoosha Varshaihi – pouring torrents of nectar

Aanandee Nah Puneeyaat – Blissfully purifying

Dari Nalina Gadaa – with his hands holding Discus, Lotus and Mace

ShankhaPaanir Mukundah – Conch holding Lord Mukunda, the giver of Mukti


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