Karkidaka Vavu Bali 2021 August 8

Karkidaka Vavubali 2021 is on August 8. Karkidaka Vavu Bali is an important Hindu religious observance performed in honour of the forefathers in Kerala, South India. Vavu is Amavasya or no moon day and Karkidakom (mid July to mid August) is the last month of Malayalam calendar. For Tamilians, this Ancestral worship is known as Aadi Amasvasi or Amavasya which is also dedicated to the forefathers. This year Karkidaka Vavu Bali ritual is on 8 August 2021.

The importance of Karkidaka Vavubali

According to the Hindu custom, if a member in the family dies, the younger ones in the family have to perform Bali (also called Pithru Tharpanam) to make the soul get eternal peace. The Bali carried out on Karkidaka Vavu (Karkidakavavu) day is called Vavubali and is of great importance. It is believed that performing Bali Tharpanam on Karkidaka Vavu day will help to appease the souls of ancestors brings good fortunes and prosperity.

Karkidaka Vavu Bali in Kerala Vavubali Tharpanam Karkidakam

Usually the Bali or Pitru Tarpanam is performed calculating the date and nakshatra on which the family member died. However, Karkidaka Vavu bali is performed regardless of the date or nakshatra of death of the deceased member. Also, the rites are conducted as per the Hindu custom and performed in beaches and waterways. One of the noted feature of Karkidaka Vavu bali is that almost all Hindus in Kerala make it a point to perform Karkidakavavu Bali and conduct ancestral worship on this day.

The Ritual

According to Hindu Kerala tradition, people observe fast on the day before performing the ritual. The persons performing the rites are guided by priests. Taking a dip in the sacred water before and after the ritual is necessary. Usually, Karkidaka Vavubali ritual is performed only men. However, in some places, women also take part in this ritual.

Important places where Karkidaka Vavubali is performed

The important temples and places where Karkidaka Vavubali is performed include Shanghumugham Beach in Thiruvananthapuram, Papanasam Beach in Varkala, Sri Parasurama Temple in Thiruvallam, Aruvikkara in Trivandrum, Vennimala Sree Rama Lakshmana Temple Kottayam, Thrivikramangalam, banks of river Periyar at Aluva, Bharathapuzha at Thirunavaya in Malappuram, Kozhikode Beach and other temples and beaches.


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  1. It is good to know about hindu rituals.Since there are many who live in situations where they cannot afford priests it would be better if somebody posted detailed ideas on how to perform rituals esp. that of pitru bali.

  2. Hi I would like to know, some persons do Bali tharppanam in their own house.Making riceand give to crows...Is this good?


    My name is Harikumar

  3. Hi Mr. Harikumar,

    Of course, it is good to perform Karkidaka Vavu Bali tharpan in their own houses. The main event behind Karkidakam Vavubali is to remember the forefathers and worship them. So even if you perform the Karkidakavavu Bali tharpanam in home it is of good.



  4. In my family we are three girls. I have heard that if we go to Gaya and do Bali Tharpanam we need not do any more as that tharpanam will cover life time.Even though there are male members like my uncles and cousin brothers they are not showing any interest in it so I want to do.Can I go to Gaya and do Bali Tharpanam for my parents,grand parents,great grand parents and fore fathers ?

  5. Hi Anonymous, Yes ladies can do pitru tharpanam.

  6. ladies,whose mother is alive and father passed away, can do vavubali

  7. If a close relative died can we do this karkida vavu bali with in a year.

  8. Its good to do, like these rituals, for our ancestors or parents. Can i ask something... when they are alive and with us, without taking care of them, without their concern, saying bad words to them, harass them, and after their death doing these types of rituals will really bring moksha to them???
    i know some people in my life, close to me, who ill-mannered with their parents and now doing these moksha rituals.. i feel pity on them...they don't respect their own parents and how can they earn respect from the society...shameful on these people..


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