About Abhilash Muralidharan Nair

Abhilash Muralidharan Nair is the author of Hindu Devotional Blog one of the main Hinduism related websites in the internet. This Hinduism Blog was earlier named as http://msabhiblog.blogspot.com/ and later renamed to Hindu Devotional Blog to help users remember the website URL.

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Main Significance of Hindu Devotional Blog?

The website mainly features articles about famous Hindu pilgrimage centers, temple festivals, rituals, mantras, stotras and pictures of gods and goddesses. One of the main significance of Hindu Devotional Blog, as I believe, is that we post most stotras along with a video song. This helps devotees to learn the mantras reading lyrics which hearing the videos.

How to Abhilash Muralidharan Nair?

You can contact me via email at hindudevotionalblog@gmail.com

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  1. Good show, we need a lot more of Hindu Blogs to teach and make others understand us and our believes. We must also give our Hindu Kashmir brothers support . Thank you.