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Here is one Lord Hanuman Quiz based on the famous Hindu epic Ramayana. Lord Hanuman or Bajrang Bali (Bajrangbali), one of the most popular gods in Hinduism, is a central character of Ramayana. Most of the Lord Hanuman Quiz is based on the events of the famous Hindu epic Ramayana. This Hanuman quiz is for everyone who worships Lord Hanuman. Hindu devotional blog team believes that Kids and teenagers will love this Quiz based on Lord Hanuman and Lord Rama. You can find 10 questions and answers related to Lord Hanuman in this Quiz. Check out the answers which are given after all the ten questions.

Lord Hanuman Quiz – Hindu God Hanuaman Swamy

Lord Hanuman Quiz Part 1 - Hindu God1) What is the name of Lord Hanuman’s Mother?

A) Ajantha
B) Parvati
C) Anjana
D) Lakshmi

2) Who reminded Hanuman that he can leap over the ocean and reach Lanka?

A) Lord Rama
B) Lord Lakshmana 
C) Jatayu
D) Jambavan

3) In which episode of the Hindu epic Ramayana does Lord Hanuman first meet Lord Ram? 

A) Aranya Kanda
B) Kishkindha Kanda
C) Bala Kanda
D) Sundara Kanda

4) From whom did Hanuman learn sacred astrology?

A) Lord Ram
B) Lord Shiva
C) Lord Vayu (Wind God)
D) Lord Surya

5) Which mountain did Hanuman carry which had the Sanjivani herb for treating Lakshmana?

A) Govardhana
B) Nilgiri
C) Dronagiri
D) Himalayas

6) Who struck down Hanuman when he tried to leap and reach the Sun?

A) Indra
B) Surya 
C) Shiva
D) Agni

7) What is the popular name of Hanuman which means ‘Lord of Monkeys’?

A) Chiranjeevini
B) Daithyakulantaka
C) Kapeeshwara
D) Mahakaya

8) Which day is believed to be the birthday of Lord Hanuman, according to the Surya Sanhita?

A) Monday
B) Thursday
C) Saturday
D) Sunday

9) Which demon serpent tried to block the way of Hanuman during his leap to Lanka?

A) Tara
B) Lankini
C) Tataka
D) Surasa

10) What is the popular name of the bridge that Hanuman and the other vanaras built between India and Sri Lanka

A) Ganga Bridge
B) Adam’s Bridge
C) Vidya Sagar Setu
D) Lakshman Jhula


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Hanuman Quiz Part 1 Answers

1) C) Anjana
2) D) Jambavan
3) B) Kishkindha Kanda
4) D) Lord Surya
5) C) Dronagiri also known as Dunagiri Mountain
6) A) Indra
7) C) Kapeeshwara
8) C) Saturday
9) D) Surasa
10) B) Adam’s Bridge


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