32 forms of Ganesha - Ganapati Hindu God

32 Forms of Ganesha - Devotees can see illustrations and descriptions of 32 forms of Hindu God Ganesha in the dhyana slokas of ancient scripture Mudgala Purana. Hindu devotional blog has already posted articles on each forms of Ganesha. Please click on each names of Lord Ganesh to read more details of each form. 

32 Forms of Lord Ganesha - Click on each name to read more.

Bala Ganapati - Child form of Ganesh

Taruna Ganapati

Bhakta Ganapati

Vira Ganapati - Veera Ganapati

Shakti Ganapati 

Dvija Ganapati - Dwija Ganapathi

Siddhi Ganapati 

Ucchhishta Ganapati 

Vighna Ganapati

Kshipra Ganapati 

Heramba Ganapati 

Lakshmi Ganapati 

Maha Ganapati 

Vijaya Ganapati 

Nritya Ganapati

Urdhva Ganapati

32 Forms of Lord Ganesha - Ganapati

Ekakshara Ganpati

Varada Ganapati - Vara Ganapathi

Tryakshara Ganapati

Kshipra Ganapati

Haridra Ganapati

Ekadanta Ganpati

Srishti Ganapati

Uddanda Ganapati

Rinamochana Ganapati

Dhundhi Ganapati

Dvimukha Ganapati

Trimukha Ganapati

Sinha Ganapati - Simha Ganapathi

Yoga Ganapati

Durga Ganapati

Sankatahara Ganapati


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